Our Mission

JoinCargo instantly brings together companies who need to ship freight with carriers who need freight to fill their trucks, just with one click. It is a tailor-made, one-stop online transport solution. We help shippers and carriers be more efficient and productive!


Roxane is JoinCargo’s Chief Executive Officer. She drives JoinCargo’s strategic vision and growth into new geographies and services. Prior to being the founder, Roxane has always been active in the logistics industry. She held the position of Supply Chain Manager at Ferro in Greece, where she was challenged to restructure the transport, warehouse and production processes. After her studies she joined Omron Healthcare inHolland as a supply and demand planner, where she took the lead in different innovation projects, like the Strategic Logistical Purchase Planning and a business case to set up a warehouse in Dubai. Roxane holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in transport, distribution and logistics from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Eirini is the Country Manager at JoinCargo. She is responsible for putting together the JoinCargo Marketing strategy, therefore interacts closely with the sales team and the customers themselves in order to fully understand customer behavior, needs and worries. Prior to joining JoinCargo, Eirini worked as a Digital Marketing Manager at Globalgig, an International Telecoms Company based in London. Here she ran the Paid Search and Display Campaigns being responsible for a conversion rate of 5.2%. She was also responsible for Email and SMS marketing campaigns, website content optimization and the creation of product performance matrixes, monthly reports and recommendations to improve product performance. Eirini holds a Master's degree in Management from Birkbeck College, University of London. She loved to work in a dynamic environment, analyzing JoinCargo data and coming up with creative solutions. She is convinced that shippers and carriers, who book their holidays online, order food or find a taxi through an app will soon discover their next favourite app.

Eleni is JoinCargo's sales representative. She contributes her enthusiasm and fresh ideas to improve the functionality of the qualification process. Being a psychotherapist and following the JoinCargo philosophy, Eleni invests in the customers by analyzing how the service can be better utilised for their needs. Prior to JoinCargo, she was multitasking by coordinating and overseeing operations at a 5-company group, while in 2004 she was managing the IT voluntary personnel of the Olympic Games. She studied in st. George college majoring in English-speaking secretaries. When not in JoinCargo, Eleni serves as a team coordinator, using the Psychodrama technique, and maintains a furniture workshop.

Kostas is JoinCargo's Android Developer and IT support specialist. His mission is to give JoinCargo customers access to the mobile world, where they can enjoy simplicity and efficiency. He loves to challenge his mathematical brain to improve and expand JoinCargo’s algorithm and make it meet the mobile requirements. Besides, he loves problem solving and therefore he supports the team with their everyday technical issues. Transport has been part of Kostas lives since his studies, as he worked as a delivery bike rider in the city center of Athens and also at a local mattress industry assembling the mattresses as a worker during summer time. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Digital-Systems from the University of Piraeus.

Stavros is JoinCargo’s first line of sales. He reaches out to qualified leads taking care of the client’s first Joinargo experience. Moreover, he is contributinghis finance skills to the accounting department. Stavros enjoys the communication with potential customers and challenges himself to become the future CFO of JoinCargo. Stavros has previously worked in the tourism industry at Airotel Group, where he kicked off his career by offering accounting services. Within 5 months he was already being promoted to debit collection manager, achieving €80.000 per month. Stavros holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Technological Institute of Patras.

Elli is in charge of JoinCargo’s customer service. She cares about fulfilling the needs of JoinCargo’s shippers and carriers. She loves communicating with customers and helping them have the perfect JoinCargo experience and uses the feedback she gets for product development purposes. She is dedicated to make JoinCargo a must-have tool, for both shippers and carriers. Elli is an independent thinking mind. While attending her university courses, she also worked as a cashier, promoter, and brand activator, demonstrating and distributing products of major brands, like Nestle and P&G. Elli has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Administration and Technology, from the University of Piraeus.

Marianne is JoinCargo’s UX and Graphic Designer. She enjoys improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in the interaction with the JoinCargo website. She also creates unique designs for JoinCargo’s marketing campaigns and communications. Marianne has studied and is experienced in three different fields, those of Psychology, Ergonomics and Web Technology. She combines human science, creativity and technology to ensure outcomes of great quality.Marianne has remarkable experience related to Cognitive Ergonomics and UX Design. She has worked as a Merchandiser for all the “Plaisio” Stores in Greece where she was responsible to promote some products over others through creating appealing visual displays and to improve customer’s shopping experience.She has been a Web Designer for 7 years, having designed over 30 websites. In 2014she was the founder of one of the best- known Travel Guides of Greece for families with kids: “Family Goes Out in Greece”.

Stefania is JoinCargo’s sales representative. She speaks with potential customers in order to identify their transport needs and offer them a cutting-edge solution, promoting the innovative idea of Joincargo. She likes to be challenged, prove to be useful and help her team in any way she can. Stefania wants to make JoinCargo a must-have tool for all the companies that outsource their transport needs. In the past, she worked at General Insurance S.A. where she was helping customers obtain appropriate insurance coverage and creating customized insurance packages. Stefania is a student the University of Piraeus, at the Department of Business Administration.

Iriniis a sales agent at JoinCargo. She communicates with new customers on a daily basis, taking them through their first online experience with JoinCargo. Being experienced in customer service, since she has worked in a big bakery, and embracing the philosophy of JoinCargo, she helps new customers make the right choice based on their needs and always provides high-quality service. She finds the interaction with companies from various industries very pleasant and interesting and enjoys being given the opportunity to make their lives easier. Irini studied business management at the University of Toulouse in collaboration with the NYC of Athens.


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