How many times have you tried to fill up your truck and ended up shaking your head in frustration, thinking ''There's got to be a better way'' ?
Now there is !

Driving an empty truck?

Wasting time in endless negotiations?

Customers complaining about the price for their small orders?

Losing money because there is no (matching) demand?

Losing money because your network is too narrow?

JoinCargo is your online marketplace, the tool that gives you the ability to present your availability to the market, close deals and fill up your trucks.


Confidentiality: Your prices are protected.

Rating: Make choices based on user's comments.

User-friendliness: Minimize entry effort, specify whether the availability is incidental or repeating (eg every Monday). Simple to use, it conveniently remembers your previous entries.

Dashboard: Easy overview of your transport deals.

Helpdesk: Our team is always by your side!


Stay in charge

Define your own transport price.

Fill up your truck

Close deals to fill up your truck on existing routes.

Effective communication

Get transport request based on your preferences and availability.


Set up an account

Become a member of JoinCargo and create your account.

Declare availability

When you are ready to fill your truck, post your lanes so our broad network of shippers can see your availability.

Accept request

Respond to transport requests of the customers by just by one click and make deals directly with the shippers.


The following board lets Carriers know the pricing plan of their 6-month subscription. You can choose the plan that suits you best and start filling your truck!

By choosing the Flexible plan, you are charged with a percentage based on the deal you close (minimum submission is 1 €).

Let’s get down to business!

Flexible *
*minimum submission 1 €
(for 6 months)
20Subscribe 8 %
for every deal you make
50Subscribe 8 %
for every deal you make
100Subscribe 8 %
for every deal you make


The difference between JoinCargo and other shipping platforms is that it perfectly matches a transport request to your existing routes, making your transports more profitable. Moreover, you are in charge of the price you set.

TELEPHONE: +(30) 694 30 86 565
EMAIL: support@joincargo.com