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Find your truck in just one click and pay based on volume.

Trustworthy carriers

Select a trustworthy carrier out of our broad network by consulting the rating feature.

Effective communication

Get connected to available carriers that perfectly match your needs.

Only for companies. Only for high volume cargo.
Search for carriers

Search for carriers

Enter your shipment data: from where, to where and your cargo.

Select a truck

Available trucks will appear, matching your route and cargo. Browse through the price and service variations and select your truck.

Book a truck

Send your transport request to the carrier that suits you best and close the deal.


How many times have you tried to ship freight and ended up shaking your head in frustration, thinking «There's got to be a better way»
Now there is !

Are you making too many phone calls trying to find one availiable truck driver to ship you pallets?

Are you paying premium because you can't fill up a whole truck by yourself?

Do you have your employees driving around to deliver even one pallet?

Do you miss sales because of truck shortage?

Is it hard dealing with last minute orders?

JoinCargo is here to save you! Your tailor made online tool, that gives you instant access to the transport market, services and price range 24/7 for FREE.


Have control: Select your driver, set your payment terms.

Dynamic request: adjust your request during the search and an up-to-date overview of available transport options will pop up.

User-friendliness: No expertise in transportations needed! Simple to use, it conveniently remembers your previous entries.

Dashboard: Your headquarters! Easy overview of your transport deals.

Helpdesk: Our team is always by your side!


The difference between JoinCargo and other shipping platforms is the ease of use and the access to direct booking, without wasting time with endless negotiations. JoinCargo fills up empty trucks on existing routes, making better pricing a viable target.
And the best part? You can use it for FREE!

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